SELF AS OTHER (sample)        

Full-length video 11:20, 2019

Self as Other was shot in studio with choreographer/dancer Peter Quanz & dancer Kristin Haight. They were directed to hold a difficult balancing pose for as long as possible. Playing between the languages of photography & video, this piece intends to portray the ambiguity of the male and female dancers' bodies. The ecstasy of the gesture acts as a counterpoint to the torture experienced by their bodies in this closely intertwined pose.

Producer/Director Dominique Rey
Dancer Peter Quanz
Dancer Kristin Haight
Director of photography Len Peterson
Sound Norman Dugas
Editor Shereen Jerrett
Additional Camera Lancelot Coar & Cory Aronec
Lighting/Grip T'ai Pu
Makeup Andrea Baer
Set PA Molly May McCracken
Photography Mathieu Leger & Dominique Rey
Additional Audio Processing Bob Stewart